September 12, 2011

hot kiss

( spring photoshoot )

Over the summer I interned at a denim company called Hot Kiss, and it was so much fun. I loved interning there, the people were great, and it was cool to see the works of design and production. Being that I currently work in retail it was a great experience to understand both ends and how the collaborate.  I had a great time working with the design team and being the fit model for buyers.
The last week of interning we decided to do a photo shoot at Coney Island of their upcoming spring line and it came out pretty friggin' amazing. I will tell you that Coney Island was not as cute, innocent, and joyful as I remembered but besides the massive amounts of creepy men running around we managed to  still get some amazing shots.
Denim by Hot Kiss 
(Luli Isacovici, Rachel Woshinsky, & Brooke)
Photographer: Catalina Kulczar-Marin
Model: Colby Milano

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