September 1, 2011

all along the watchtower

( dave )

I can't even begin to describe Dave Matthews Band. His voice, the guitar, the violin, saxophone, base, DRUMS. ugh I die. Every song is beautiful, and every jam session is serious. I could air band for days listening to dave and feel like I'm Jimi Hendrix its that serious. This specific concert was supposed to play for 3 nights but unfortunately Hurricane Irene decided to make an appearance and the next 2 nights were cancelled. Luckily, I got to experience VIP Dave the first night thanks to my godmother/cousin who is legit amazing. It basically allowed for a lot of line cutting, a specific place to pre game and eat for free, and an awesome spot for the best sound right in front of the stage. The lighting on the die hard fans made for amazing pictures, it was all in all a great time. I rocked a Mink Pink floral cardigan, white tank, black mini, ankle boots, and a lot of rings. 

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