April 24, 2017

twosix. swim

hello, is anyone there?

It's been ages since my last post but I'm back to share all of the things I've been working on! Like, twosix. swim for example. It's brand spankin' new swimwear line I've launched and I'd love for you to have a look, and follow along.

www.twosixswim.com // @twosixswim

Tash Galgut by Katrina Parker for twosix. swim

September 19, 2015

Gone To Palm Beach

photos by Rachel Chevell

The best part about living in Australia is the pure fact that according to a University of Sydney study there are 10,685 beaches on this continent. That statistic makes my heart melt. This beach happens to be just a little over an hour away from where I live and is absolutely stunning. Rachel and I spent the day in here in Palm Beach having lunch at The Boathouse then wandering alongside the ocean. Such a great little adventure we had road tripping for some amazing photos!

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July 24, 2015

A Trip to Spring Court

photos by Rachel Chevell

Spring Court, Bondi Beach

I happened to stumble into a new shop on Hall Street in Bondi called Spring Court a couple of weeks ago and instantly fell in love. Besides the amazing drum set in the middle of the store I learned a little bit about a vintage French brand that creates beautiful tennis shoes. I've become somewhat of a sneaker head in the past year and these are the perfect combination of classic and cool. The owners of the shop were incredibly kind and let me run around, try on loads of styles, and take over the shop for a couple of hours. I highly suggest if you're in Bondi to get over there. You can also find them in Potts Point and Newtown - check them out!

charm necklace: baroni jewelry

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